About the Association

The Association of Carpenters consists of 500 carpenters and woodworkers in the various fields (kitchens, furniture, cabinets, etc.)

It has been operating since 2022 in order to regulate the carpentry field, with an emphasis on small and medium-sized carpenters whose business activity is small compared to larger companies in the market, and whose costs are high compared to the prices that a larger company receives.

In addition, we are building a system for the private carpenter to sell complementary products such as marble and electrical products that the carpenter can easily sell and earn tens of percent more from the transaction, effortlessly and easily.

We are creating a public relations campaign to improve the image of carpenters in the eyes of the public.

If you’re a small to medium-sized carpenter and you want to be treated like a large company and save tens of percent on buying laminated sheets and hardware products.

To be a part of a stable organization that is developing your place with us.

To create purchasing power for hardware, laminated sheets, and other complementary items at excellent prices, so that every small carpenter can profit as if he had great purchasing power.

Building professional exhibitions and planning professional seminars

Negotiating with importers around the world while striving and caring for the carpenter’s best interests

Creating unique benefit mechanisms for the industry, including loan and insurance organizations

Providing legal assistance for Association members

Working to promote and recognize the profession as a preferred profession

Supporting increased competitiveness in the furniture industry

Improving the image of carpenters

Providing plans for selling complementary products for the private carpenter (marble, electrical appliances)

Building a professional ‘family’ community for collaborations and discounts in a variety of fields

The Association of Carpenters in Israel wants to unify its members for group purchases of raw materials for work in order to significantly reduce the prices of products, such as

  • Laminated sheets
  • Hardware
  • Facades (doors)
  • Solid wood and specialty wood
  • Complementary hardware

In addition, the organization’s vision is that in 2022, private carpenters will begin selling the following items to customers:

  • Marble and work surfaces
  • Sinks and plumbing elements
  • Electrical products
  • Complementary kitchen products




Laminated sheets




Facades (doors)


Secondary Hardware


Solid and specialty wood





Expected sales for complementary materials in 2022




Electrical products





If you are an importer/exporter and you are interested in increasing your power significantly by joining the organization as a supplier, please send an email to the following address: Yishay.etz@gmail.com

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רויטל היקרה שלנו, את מקסימה, מקצועית מאוד, תמיד פנוייה לבקשות, כיף לגור בבית שאת השקעת בו את כל הכוחות שלך, אנחנו נהנים מכל רגע מהאכפתיות שלך, היצירתיות והגמישות. תודה רבה אהובה מכל הלב.
נועה דובדבני שלףעיצוב פנים והום סטיילניג
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רויטל מקסימה,
עם ראיה נכונה של החללים השונים בבית ואיך הכי נכון לארגן אותם, מומלצת!

If you are an importer / exporter and you want to increase your power. Significantly by joining the organization as a supplier, please fill in your details here and we will contact you soon

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