Circular Economy IL was founded as a stakeholders platform aiming to accelerate Israel’s integration into the global shift towards circular economy.

We act on national and international levels and among different stakeholders in order to raise awareness, encouraging knowledge sharing and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders.

The Platform has already gained the collaboration of strategic stakeholders in Israel and has unique collaborations with leading circular economy platforms in Europe.

As a part of our circular economy efforts, we work on a variety of ways to raise awareness, share knowledge, and develop the circular economy market.

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Providing strategic consulting services based on expertise in circular economy policies and regulations.

Providing training and tutorials on circular economy for both the public and private sectors.

Initiating, developing and escorting circular economy Projects.

Support in managing and sharing knowledge, and engaging relevant stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

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כרטיס ביקור דיגיטלי זה נבנה ע”י סטודיו זברה

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